"Alamedamorphosis" is a captivating multimedia outdoor video installation created by the esteemed electronic conceptual artist, SINTRON. Commissioned in 1999 by the Smithsonian Institution in collaboration with the Alameda Museum Center for Latino Arts and Culture, the artwork marks a significant moment in the cultural history of San Antonio, Texas.

Displayed at the entryway of the Alameda Museum, the installation illuminated the night with its mesmerizing visuals. The piece was also featured on the dome of the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio during the museum's openeing celebratory gala. Referencing the iconic Alameda Theater, SINTRON masterfully integrated historical photographs of the city, morphing them into one another to form a dynamic, abstract yet fluid narrative. The sequence culminated with images of the new museum and modern-day San Antonio, symbolizing the city's cultural evolution.

SINTRON used Macromedia Flash, a pioneering software at the time, to create the seamless transitions between photographs. The innovative use of technology in "Alamedamorphosis" served to underscore the transformative nature of the work itself.

Installation at the Alameda Museum

The Vision

"Alamedamorphosis" is an enduring testament to SINTRON's talent as a multi-media artist, pushing the boundaries of technology and art to create an immersive experience for viewers. Despite the unfortunate closure of the Alameda Museum in 2006, the installation remains an important reflection of the city's rich cultural heritage and its ongoing transformation.

The choice of Macromedia Flash as the medium for the piece illustrates SINTRON's ability to adapt and utilize cutting-edge technologies in the creation of thought-provoking art. The fluidity of the images, achieved through seamless morphing, evokes a sense of the passage of time and the interconnectedness of San Antonio's history.

"Alamedamorphosis" serves as a powerful tribute to the city of San Antonio and the legacy of the Alameda Museum Center for Latino Arts and Culture. It remains an essential piece in SINTRON's portfolio, showcasing the artist's unique vision and technical prowess. The memory of the Alameda Museum lives on through this exceptional piece and the ongoing efforts of organizations like the Smithsonian Latino Center, dedicated to promoting Latino art and culture across the United States.

Close-up View of the Installation at the Alameda Museum
Alameda Theater Stage Inspiration for the Opening Scene
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