The world of contemporary art often pushes the boundaries of convention, challenging audiences to engage with difficult and sometimes controversial subject matter. SINTRON's "MoneyShotGuns" is no exception. This daring and provocative collection of 3D-printed guns-turned-sex toys forces viewers to confront the complex relationship between sexuality and violence in our society. The artist's fearless examination of these themes is not only visually striking, but also a powerful commentary on the values and priorities that underpin our culture.

SINTRON's "MoneyShotGuns" is a bold and innovative exploration of the intersection of intimacy and aggression in our culture. The artist's fearless approach to tackling challenging subject matter, combined with their exceptional technical and artistic skill, makes this collection an unforgettable and significant contribution to the world of contemporary art.

MoneyShotGuns Valentine's Message and Logo
MoneyShotGuns at the Gun Show Exhibit

The Gun Show

"MoneyShotGuns" was exhibited at The Heights Art gallery in Houston, TX, and the presentation was nothing short of brilliant. The guns were displayed as if part of a gun show, forcing viewers to confront the uneasy marriage of firearms and eroticism. The accompanying coffee table book, featuring a catalog of the guns, served as a striking visual record of the collection. The slogan "Make Love and War," featured on the artist's website, encapsulates the central theme of the exhibition—highlighting the duality of human nature.

The Printing Process

An Erotic Gun Collection

The 3D-printed guns in "MoneyShotGuns" are a seamless blend of functionality and artistry. The designs, sourced from torrent sites featuring illegal firearms, are transformed into objects of desire through the skillful incorporation of various sex toy forms. The attention to detail in the barrels' intricate shapes—ranging from phallic symbols to fists, and adorned with elements like flower petals and hearts—reveals SINTRON's artistic prowess and deft craftsmanship.

The tongue-in-cheek names of the pieces, such as "Bleed and Breed," "Shot Through the HeartOn," and "Black Pawer," add a layer of dark humor to the collection, further emphasizing the juxtaposition of love and violence. This is complemented by the vibrant color palette employed by SINTRON, which includes red, blue, pink, black, white, and translucent hues. The use of a Makerbot2 printer to create these pieces is a testament to the artist's technical acumen and ability to harness cutting-edge technology in the service of art.

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