In the seditious and daring work of art titled "Ubort," SINTRON has created an innovative yet highly contentious piece that challenges the boundaries of what constitutes art and social commentary. At its core, Ubort is an imagined company that has developed marketing material and a ride-share mobile app that enables users to call a car providing abortion services during the ride. The artist has masterfully employed various marketing videos, including Jesus promoting Ubort, a cartoon-based demonstration of the process, and a heart-wrenching montage of people in need of abortions. Ubort is a potent exploration of the intersection between technology, societal norms, and the ongoing struggle for reproductive rights.

Ubort Art Car Rejected Proposal

The Vision

Ubort is undoubtedly a significant work in today's climate, as it directly engages with the long-standing debate on reproductive rights and the role of technology in our lives. The artist's decision to cast Jesus as an advocate for Ubort is a bold statement that evokes both humor and shock, while challenging religious conservatism and questioning the intersection of faith and reproductive rights. This subversive approach forces the viewer to confront their own beliefs and question the role religion plays in shaping their opinions on this divisive issue.

Ubort Jesus Promo Video

Jesus was contracted to spread the gospel of Ubort.

Ubort Explainer Video

Abortion is a complex issue. An explainer video was created to inspire confidence in the Ubort brand.

Ubort for Men Video

Ubort shows how it can help in one of the most difficult decisions of a man's life.

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