"Alt-Righter's Anthem" is a provocative and audacious piece by the conceptual artist SINTRON. This song, released in 2017 under the Terror Management Theater alias, is an ostensible musical exploration of the alt-right movement from a unique and unprecedented perspective. The artist turns to DMX's iconic "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" for the rhythmic inspiration, crafting a beat and flow that is both familiar and refreshingly distinctive.

The narrative of the song is rooted in the daily life of a white British individual who adheres strictly to a diet of white-colored foods, from breakfast to dinner. Employing a talented yet enigmatic British rapper, SINTRON brings to life bold and shocking lyrics, encapsulating the ethos of his controversial concept. The chorus, "I don't want cocoa puffs, stop, drop, I just want cheerios", stands out as a memorable refrain, underscoring the central theme of the song. The piece further delves into the subject's preferences for mayonnaise, rice, white bread, cheerios, egg whites, and milk, offering a unique lens into the subject's world.

The lyrical line "I wipe cheese on my white bread like I wipe white jizz on yo momma's forehead" strikes straight at the message of expected roles of submission from one race to another.

For SINTRON, music can be powerful tool for generating harmony amongst different groups of hateful people.

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