In an age where the rapid advancement of technology constantly challenges our perceptions of reality, SINTRON's "Rekall Inc." serves as a timely and profound exploration of the delicate balance between memory and the manipulation thereof. Drawing inspiration from Philip K. Dick's "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," this performance artwork is an innovative and immersive experience that delves deep into the very fabric of human consciousness.

Entering the sterile, convention center setting that serves as the temporary headquarters for the Delaware incorporated Rekall Inc., visitors are immediately confronted with the unsettling possibility of memory implantation. Actors playing corporate executives convincingly explain the process, citing SINTRON's extensive research into hypnotic states and EEG measurements conducted at the University of Texas at Austin. The seamless integration of technology and artistry, with the use of Fortran graphics programming to display brain maps, elevates the performance to a whole new level.

SINTRON's "Rekall Inc." transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms, becoming a catalyst for stimulating discussions on the ethics and implications of memory alteration. The work's immersive nature invites the audience to reflect on their relationship with their own memories and the ways in which they shape our perception of reality.

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The HyperFlux System

The true power of "Rekall Inc." lies in the hypnotic Hyperflux System Pod, where participants are automatically guided through a series of vivid and surreal audiovisual experiences. The disorienting journey that follows, traversing memories both real and fictional, selected by the artist, effectively blurs the lines between reality and the mind's creations. This automated hypnosis process facilited by real-time EEG analytics enables the implantation of false memories. This literal mind bending experience encourages participants to confront their own memories and question the veracity of their past experiences.

The HyperFlux System Pod

HyperFlux System Demo Video

A HyperFlux Demo video was created as marketing content to demonstrate the full process of hypnotic induction.

Hypnotic State Visualiztion Research

During the summer of 1994, SINTRON undertook research in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Texas at Austin. The hypothesis was that hypnotic states can be measured using EEG data. The following gallery of images are original outputs from the analysis and visualization. Fast Fourier Transforms were used to "separate" the underlying EEG signals. A large number of 3.5" floppy disks were used for data storage. This work informed the creation of the Hyperflux System software which used software and hardware more advanced than the original experiment.

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