The artwork's significance lies in its use of AI to create an infinite number of unique portraits that challenge traditional notions of portraiture. Instead of creating a single, static representation of a person, the "Infinite Portrait" generates a new portrait each day, highlighting the fluidity and complexity of human identity.

The use of AI in the creation of the portraits also raises questions about authorship and creativity. Who is the "artist" in this case? Is it the person who programmed the AI, the artist using the AI, or is it the AI itself? The "Infinite Portrait" blurs the lines between human and machine creativity and challenges us to reconsider our assumptions about art-making.

However, the "Infinite Portrait" also raises concerns about the role of technology in art. While AI can certainly produce interesting and novel results, it cannot replace the human touch and intuition that is integral to traditional art-making processes. The use of technology in art must be approached with caution to ensure that it does not overshadow or replace human creativity altogether.

Overall, the "Infinite Portrait" is a tongue-in-cheek conceptual artwork that challenges traditional notions of portraiture and raises important questions about the role of technology in art-making. Its use of AI to generate an "infinite" number of unique portraits is significant in the current state of art, where the boundaries between human and machine creativity are increasingly blurred.


Infinite Portrait Title Image

The Process

To create the "Infinite Portrait," SINTRON used an existing Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) model, which is a type of deep learning algorithm used to generate images. The inference process allowed for fine tuning of the types of portraits that were generated, giving the output portraits an unfinished and somewhat startling look. Thousands of images were then post-processed with additional filters to give them a unique painterly quality which were then displayed in sequence on a Meural canvas. The Meural canvas is a digital picture frame that can display high-quality images and videos, allowing for the daily display of a new portrait generated by the GAN model. The use of a pre-existing GAN model enabled SINTRON to focus more on the conceptual aspects of the artwork, while the technology handled the generation of the portraits.

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